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Medically Advanced Skin Care Products

Microdermabrasion Renewal Complex


Microdermabrasion Renewal Complex refreshes, rejuvenates, and exfoliates the skin to slough away the top layer of dead skin and impurities to help increase cell turnover and unleash a healthy glow to the skin. It is a wonderful blend of aluminum oxide crystals, apricot kernel oil and squalane that refreshes, rejuvenates and exfoliates dull skin. The complex includes specially selected emollient ingredients to leave the skin looking and feeling smooth, supple, and radiant. Its relaxing aroma evokes a spa-like experience.

Key Benefits

  • Leaves skin supple and soft
  • Provides a mild exfoliation of the skin
  • Relaxing aromatic scent

Microdermabrasion Renewal Complex is a highly-effective first-step treatment for anyone committed to achieving and maintaining the look of skin vitality, clarity and radiance. It is recommended for all skin types, and for skin concerns that include dryness, dullness, signs of aging, environmentally damaged skin, and oily or blemish-prone skin.

How it works?
Microdermabrasion Renewal Complex works as a superhero combating excess dead skin buildup on the skin’s surface, leaving behind an exfoliated smooth appearance of damaged, dull skin. Fueled by fine aluminum oxide this microdermabrasion complex decreases the look of discoloration, fine lines and other signs of photodamage, providing renewal and resurfacing results that encourage a skin refresh appearance. Nourishing oils promote a moisture “lock-down” to infuse needed moisture into the skin to help it look bring back a vital, lustrous look, while giving the skin a soft, smooth, and more touchable skin. 

Why it works?

Each ingredient used in Microdermabrasion Renewal Complex works gently to remove the top layer of dead skin. This helps to increase skin circulation and stimulates the development of collagen. The skin is able to welcome in moisture which helps to eliminate the look of fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration and irregularities, and pore size. Its relaxing aroma evokes a spa-like experience.


This gentle microdermabrasion complex is easily applied with fingertips to lightly moistened skin using a soft circular motion. Rinse with cool water, and pat dry. May be used once or twice weekly. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. 

Amazing Key Ingredients!
Microdermabrasion Renewal Complex derives its benefits from a blend of ingredients in its most effective form, selected specifically for its ability to deliver incredible results with unrivaled efficacy.

Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum oxide crystals have a fine particle size and irregular shape that make them excellent exfoliators. These crystals break up and remove dull, dead skin with ease.

Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil (Apricot Oil)
This pure, cold-pressed oil is rich in vitamins A and E, along with fatty acids. It nourishes the skin and supports its ability to retain moisture.

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil  (Jojoba Oil)
Jojoba oil is a rich moisturizer that gives the skin a smooth, soft appearance.

Squalane mimics the effects of the skin’s natural sebum, helping to lock in vital moisture without a greasy feel.