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Let’s Get Glowing: Tips For Radiant Skin

Let’s Get Glowing: Tips For Radiant Skin

It feels good to glow! Especially coming out of a long, hard winter, everyone wants to channel that dewy, golden hour look. Promoting healthy skin and a youthful lasting look isn’t just for the jetsetters or polished celebrities, either— there are plenty of ways to accentuate your natural glow, and keep it glowing strong! 

Here are a few steps and products to incorporate into your skincare regime, which should provide some short-term and long-term results! There’s not one magic product or practice that will really bring out your natural glow, of course. It takes time, patience, and some long-term tweaks to your lifestyle. Add in a healthy amount of hydration, regular exercise, at least seven hours of sleep a night, and you’ll keep shining all summer long!

Apply SPF daily

Yes, the number one key to strengthening your own glow is to do something about the super-strong glow of the sun. The sun’s rays don’t stop taking their toll on your complexion when you pack up your bikini, so your sunscreen habit should be just as year-round! Sunscreen for facial use is often loaded with additional moisturizing properties, and are usually designed to be free of white residue, or that strong sunscreen smell you’ll remember from childhood beach trips.

Try our Sunny Sunscreen with SPF 25, which draws its anti-aging, sun defying power from octinoxate, a UVB filter and zinc oxide, a physical UV filter. This multi-tasking formula also contains antioxidant botanicals and red grape stem cells that provide powerful defense against everyday environmental elements that age and damage the skin.

Get hyped for hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an easy add to any skincare regime, beneficial for all skin types. This heavy-duty moisturizer supplement gives an extra hydrating punch, adding moisture to every layer of skin. Hyaluronic acid is a water-attracting molecule, as well as a hydrophilic humectant that acts to continuously draw water from the air, steadily replenishing hydration throughout your day. Products rich in hyaluronic acid can also have an age-defying effect, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Try our Hyaluronic Acid Cream, which also contains squalene, jojoba seed oil, and apricot oil, which work synergistically to lock in multiple layers of lasting hydration.

Cut back on the cocktails

Yes, it’s summer, which means rosé season and BBQ beers! But in addition to the overall health drawbacks to excessive habitual drinking, alcohol has a serious impact on your skin. It blocks proper Vitamin A absorption and most importantly is very dehydrating, which is the opposite of what your moisture-hungry skin needs to get a proper glow on. These factors combined can lead to inflammation and premature aging. Reach for a mocktail instead when you’re relaxing poolside this summer.

Retinol to the rescue

Retinol (also known as Vitamin A) is an anti-inflammatory which can boost the power of your pores, increase cell turnover, and encourage collagen fusion. It’s a key addition to your nighttime skincare routine (just nighttime, though, and only once or twice a week until your skin adapts to it— using retinol too often could dry your skin out). Dermatologists often recommend this multi-benefit ingredient for its ability to improve the appearance of aging skin.

Try our Radiant Retinol Cream to promote clear skin by decreasing the buildup of dead skin that blocks pores, leads to imperfections, and ages skin.

Fight free radicals with Vitamin C

Free radicals are a short-lived molecule that can have long-lasting effects on skin; generated by UV light and pollution, they can damage the DNA, proteins, and lipids in your skin, leading to premature aging. Fortunately, Vitamin C can stabilize free radicals so they become harmless, and through collagen promotion this mighty vitamin actually encourages your skin to heal itself!

Try our Complete Vitamin C Serum, a heavy-hitting antioxidant hyperboost for your skin, with a prestige formula that combines Vitamins C, E, B3, B5, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA and glycerin.

Don’t skip the bedtime routine

At the end of the day, it can be tempting to just skip a skincare step… or two…or four…but don’t! Even if you went light on makeup during the day, your face has still seen a buildup of oils and dirt that need to be washed off before they cause blockages and skin damage.

Try our Refreshing Rose Foam Cleanser, formulated to balance the skin’s natural pH balance, in a deep wash that lifts dirt and impurities from the skin pores, while delivering anti-aging regenerative benefits.

Show your neck some respect

It’s easy to forget, but your neck is in need of just as much attention as your face, and is in some ways more susceptible to the signs of aging. Get into the habit of extending the products you use down your neck and even over your chest, to keep skin glowing and youthful. Just be careful with with retinols and acids— go lightly and/or every other day at first, to avoid irritation.

Keep on rolling!

Facial rollers can reduce puffiness and inflammation in your face, especially in the sensitive under-eye area, promoting lymphatic drainage while increasing blood circulation. Plus, it’s a meditative practice which can relieve tension and increase the overall health of tissues. Use at night to unwind and calm skin, or first thing in the morning to aid in product absorption and starting the day off with a glow!

Try our Amethyst Roller, bringing in the stress-relieving and balancing properties of the stone.

Wash your face, wash your phone

No, don’t shove your beloved smartphone under the sink! But with everything we put our phones through— taking them with us everywhere, resting them on a variety of surfaces, and exposing them to a host of oils and dirt from our hands alone— our phones aren’t as clean as we’d like to think. And they’re often pressed right up against our faces! Try keeping some anti-bacterial wipes by your charger so you can give it a quick (and safe) wipedown before you plug it in for the night, or consider investing in a UV light phone sanitizer.

Don’t touch!

This messaging was everywhere in the early days of Covid-19, and it’s good advice beyond the pandemic: touching your face is an important habit to break! Yes, keeping your fingers off your face can help spare you from germs and communicable diseases, and it also limits the amount of oils and dirt that can be transferred to your skin. Not to remind you of the unsanitary truths about your phone again, but yes, the same principle applies! There are a lot of elements you come in contact with throughout your day which can have a harmful effect when brought in contact with the sensitive skin of your face. Try to get in the habit of minimizing your exposure to all those factors! Related to this: however satisfying it might be in the moment, picking and popping of blemishes are more trouble than it’s worth. Pressure can push bacteria deeper into the skin, and cause long-lasting dark spots.

Be patient with your products

It’s hard not to expect instant incredible results, especially when starting an exciting new product or routine. And expectly once you’ve worked your way through this list, and are ready to start glowing it up immediately! But it can take some time for products to have an effect, and you shouldn’t overload your skin with a ton of new products all at once! Use a new product every other day at first, and only introduce a new product every three or four days. Give any new product at least 12 weeks to gauge its efficacy, and if your skin needs are being met.