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Medically Advanced Skin Care Products for Ageless Radiance

About Our Founder

After nearly two decades, Lorena Cosentino brings Illari SKIN to a discerning, skincare-savvy public. As an international beauty expert and certified specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, Medical Spa proprietor and a professional aesthetician trainer, she is passionate about helping women and men achieve healthy skin through her vast knowledge of this industry's best kept secrets.

Since 2003, Lorena has become an expert in Aesthetic Dermatology. She is passionate about helping her patients achieve healthier skin and reverse the signs of aging with minimally invasive skincare treatments, including topical products. As a result, Illari SKIN offers outstanding results that make it perfect for anyone wanting to restore their youthful glow from within and look beautiful again!

Let Experience Guide You

For the past 17 years she has served in the role of Vice President, Empire Medical Training, Inc., which has provided her with a hand-on and behind-the scenes seat at the birth of today’s most innovative medical technology advancements and procedural interventions for anti-aging, rejuvenation and repairing, and youth-restoring Aesthetics medicine advances.

Lorena, having worked with esteemed plastic surgeons and Aesthetic physician practitioners and educators, is extremely knowledgeable in assessing the medical-grade ingredients, concentrations, and applications formulated into each Illari SKIN product. Consequently, Lorena is exceptionally qualified to vouch for the efficacy of these products.

Lorena is not just a skincare entrepreneur—she has been working with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and Aesthetic Medicine practitioners for years! She understands which ingredients these specialists suggest to their patients. Thanks to her experience and knowledge, Illari SKIN stands out from the competition as an unparalleled line of skin care products.

Our Invitation

Welcome to Illari SKIN, where "radiance" is our central mission. Lorena invites you to become a beauty insider and join us on an unforgettable journey of youthful radiance! We've combined the best medical science and revolutionary skincare technology available in order to battle the signs of aging while restoring your natural glow and true beauty. Join us as we embark upon this captivating expedition towards lasting luminosity!

"You are Light. You are Beauty."

—Lorena Cosentino

Our wide range of products enable you to flaunt your natural beauty. Lorena believes that with the right ingredients, everyone can possess youthful skin that radiates healthiness and vigor. Her philosophy is straightforward: Let your inner radiance come alive with premium quality items. With her extensive experience in Aesthetic sciences, she has developed an exclusive lineup of powerful yet gentle skincare essentials designed to defy age while enhancing luminosity and glow!

Let Lorena and the Illari SKIN team help you discover your inner beauty! Contact us today to start your journey towards lasting radiance and youthful skin!

Illari SKIN: Let your inner radiance come alive.™