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Medically Advanced Skin Care Products for Ageless Radiance

Why IllariSKIN

Preferred Partner Program

Our physician-only skin care product line (for resale) provides restorative and beautifying results for patients while offering Aesthetic practices tangible, new recurring revenue streams.

The Illari Skin Story

Illari SKIN is an American cosmeceutical and beauty brand specializing in skin and body care products. Through our extensive reach into the Aesthetics industry, coupled with a celebrity faculty of Physicians and leading skin care experts, Illari SKIN has developed a skin line that is second to none, and one where your patients will ask for by name! Since 2016, our products have been developed and designed using the most stringent, dermatological criteria for skin safety and gleaming healthy skin.

Not only a sought-after brand, Illari SKIN facilitates the success of our partners through our “Preferred Partner Program” that helps physician resellers develop a thriving cosmeceutical revenue center within their Aesthetics practice. Illari SKIN is committed to the success of our practitioner partners and is a “physician-only” for resale cosmeceutical line that has been designed to compare favorably to larger brands with attractive packaging and lower price points . We are all about educating our physicians and practice owners about our products, packaging and pricing, and successfully marketing this new line to patients.


- Highly effective anti-aging, restorative, rejuvenation product line
- Medical-grade product line
- Essential product line that compliments Aesthetic procedures
- Value-add product line to procedures
- Free from parabens and preservatives
- Cruelty-free—no animal derived ingredients or testing
- Vegan friendly
- Free from mineral oils
- 30-month shelf life
- Skin-identical ingredients, extracts of precious pure natural oils, and skin-friendly vitamins
- Multilamellar liposomes
- Hypo-allergenic formulations


- Rapid growth marketing support
- Preferred pricing exclusive to Empire Members
- Physician-only for resale
- Exclusive skin care line for Empire Members only


Illari SKIN is the answer to the confusing, oversaturated skin care product marketplace. When it comes to deciding how to choose a skincare regimen to achieve a youthful future for the skin, you can tell your followers that Illari SKIN is the newest and highly coveted product line savvy consumers are turning to in record numbers.

We know consumers find it confusing to decipher between the various skin care brands that currently flood the skin care market. With Illari SKIN we take all the guesswork out of deciding what products to use, what ingredients to look for, when to use them, how to use them, and most importantly why to use them.


Illari SKIN is proud to offer exclusively to Empire Medical Training members the opportunity to expand their Aesthetics practice or medical spa with a cosmeceutical product line that includes highly discounted pricing with no minimum orders and complete marketing support. As the Aesthetics industry evolves,Illari SKINcontinues to distinguish ourselves by providing resources and opportunities to our physicians and attendees to help them succeed in their practices. Our partnership with Empire Medical Training provides the Aesthetic practitioner with an entire new business model that can easily be integrated into a current practice setting.

To achieve maximum success in your Aesthetics practice (or medical spa), you will want to offer more than just the usual injectables, such as Botox® and dermal fillers. As you learn more procedures and implement new services in to your aesthetics practice, offering cosmeceuticals is a natural addition to the growing aesthetic practice. With many brands, you must commit to large initial orders and maintain a minimum order. AtIllari SKIN, we are committed to helping the practitioner who is not yet established in their practice and may not want to begin with large commitments. For established Aesthetic practices,Illari SKINis committed to providing support  in all areas of your Aesthetic practice such as marketing, patient brochures, and much more.


Our Advertising Toolkit

Our “Preferred Partner Program” provides the tools and resources to help you market Illari SKIN products in your Aesthetics practice. We provide the resources that are essential in any Aesthetics practice offering cosmeceuticals, helping you scale faster and more easily. Here are a few assets in our advertising toolkit

- Patient brochures
- How to videos for patients
- Product thumbnail photos for easy shopping cart integration
- Stick-on wall banners
- Sample social media posts
- Product samples for patients
- Need something else? Ask us for addition collaterals to expand your marketing reach

Your Unique Selling Proposition

- Physician-only medical-grade prescription skin care Line (physician protected)
- Self-care products for patients of all skin types and conditions
- Not available to retail internet sites
- 5-step routine packaging to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and protect the skin
- No predefined stocking arrangements to keep your capital cost of inventory down


Illari Skin Revenue

The first step to generating a highly profitable skin care business using cosmeceuticals is to choose your product line and brand. There are many good brands and a lot of the decision comes down to personal preferences and knowledge about the product itself. Among other considerations, you want to choose a medical-grade line that is available exclusively through your Aesthetics practice and not through online channels.

What many practitioners may not realize is that the revenue potential that can be achieved by offering cosmeceuticals in an Aesthetics practice is staggering. The reason for this is, in part, because the products themselves compliment every procedure and every aspect of Aesthetics, and the products themselves must be used regularly in order to be effective. The ongoing, regular nature of using cosmeceuticals makes adding cosmeceuticals to your practice a highly profitable endeavor. With the right brand and support from the partnering supplier, the upside potential in your practice is significant.

Illari SKIN is here to support you with your Aesthetics practice. Below is an example of how you can  generate an ongoing, recurring revenue model stream with only a small investment and with only a few new patients each month who commit to using your skin care regimen.



To maximize the revenue potential available with retail cosmeceuticals, the Aesthetics practitioner will offer a variety of products that will serve to complement each Aesthetics procedure offered in their practice. Cosmeceuticals are more easily sold in an aesthetics practice setting compared to a stand-alone operation because the products themselves are synergistic to the Aesthetic procedures you are offering.

What many practitioners may not realize is the INDIRECT and PASSIVE REVENUE generated from selling cosmeceuticals.

Selling Retail: An efficient and highly profitable Aesthetics practice will understand how to sell cosmeceuticals to enhance the procedure the patient has received. For each Aesthetic procedure, whether it be a facial injectable procedure such as with a neurotoxin or dermal filler, an Aesthetic laser procedure, or just about any other face and body treatment, cosmeceuticals should be used as an integral, medically necessary addition to the technique.

Cosmeceuticals are used to enhance and protect the skin from the effects of the Aesthetics procedure performed. Hyaluronic acid-based products, for example, are a natural complement to dermal filler procedures as both achieve the same function (restore and grow collagen) but in different ways.

Cosmeceuticals are a natural part of the selling process. In addition to your input, patients will ask for these products directly. Practitioners can more rapidly expand their Aesthetics practices by having cosmeceuticals available for their patients. Marketing Cosmeceuticals: In addition to the many methods to directly market cosmeceuticals to your patients, cosmeceuticals may be used to promote many of the more expensive procedures offered in your practice. Integrating various products; along with procedures; helps generate a higher bottom line and helps increase the value of a procedure or package of procedures. Dangers of NOT Offering Cosmeceuticals: Aesthetics practices who are not offering cosmeceuticals are not only missing a profitable component to their Aesthetics practice but also are not providing the highest quality of care for their Aesthetics patients. Patients will be aware of this lack of service and look elsewhere for their Aesthetic treatments